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Products & Services

At Legacy Planning Partners, LLC, we provide assistance in the following areas:

Personal Planning

Wealth Accumulation Planning

  • Retirement Accumulation Planning
  • Investments*
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Tax Sensitive Investment Planning*

Wealth Protection Planning

  • Income/Wealth Replacement Planning
  • Investment Portfolio Diversification*
  • Tax Sensitive Investment Planning*

    Wealth Distribution Planning

    • Income Distribution Planning
    • Retirement Income Maximization
    • Income Tax Minimization
    • Wealth Transfer Planning
    • Fundamental Estate Planning

    Business Planning

    Discriminatory Owner Benefit Planning

    • Buy-Sell Planning/Implementation/Funding
    • Asset Repositioning
    • Discriminatory Wealth Accumulation Planning

    Discriminatory Executive & Key-Person Planning

    • "Golden Handcuff" Planning
    • Key Executive/Person Protection Planning
    • Discriminatory Wealth Accumulation Planning

    Non-Discriminatory Employee Benefit Planning

    • Qualified Plans (401(K), SIMPLE IRA)
    • Group Benefit Plans (Group Health/Life/D.I./LTC)

    Legacy Planning

    Family Legacy Planning
    "Leaving a Legacy, Not Just An Inheritance!"

    • Fundamental Estate Planning
    • The Family Legacy Trust Planning.
    • Philanthropy
    • Family Values Retention & Transfer

    Business Legacy Planning
    "Firm Foundations, For Multiple Generations!"

    • Business Succession Planning
    • Family and Key-Person Development
    • Fundamental Business Philosophy Retention & Transfer